Thanks, guys!

I never expected to write this site for four years.  In fact, I didn’t think that I could possibly generate enough material to make this site exist legitimately for six months.  There really wasn’t a site before Hoya Suxa that solely dedicated pieces — not just pieces, but somewhat abstract original work that rarely even touched upon news — to poking a rival with a stick.  Yet, here we are: Four years in the books, 640 pieces, and an army of thousands of Hoya Suxa cultists.  (Okay, maybe the army is closer to the hundreds (at least the armed, crazed-look-in-their-eyes front-line death machine Hoya Suxa cultists).)

This piece, though, will be the last thing ever to take up residence on this site.

The real purpose of the site — not the one that I bamboozled you all into — was twofold:

  1. To entertain some friends the same way we would at Syracuse when we used to crack wise on Georgetown; and
  2. To entertain — and thumb my nose at — some other bloggers.  (For the record: None of those bloggers — for the most part — exist in the Syracuse or Georgetown universe.  The mocking was directed at some other folks that will remain nameless in order to protect the schadenfreuded.)

It’s that second purpose that really drove the site.  I don’t think a lot of college sports bloggers actually like the material that they pump out, nor do I think that they should be pumping it out.  As a result, I wanted to write something that actually had nothing to do with sports (Hoya Suxa, at its core, never was a sports blog; it was a humor blog masquerading as one) and convince everyone otherwise.  Unfortunately (or fortunately, I guess), it worked.  Actually, it worked better than I ever could have expected. 

Readership of Hoya Suxa, while never a concern to me, grew to the point where frequent content generation became increasingly important.  (Granted, the site never did monster numbers, but it was always more than it actually deserved.)  This fact, lamentably, is why Hoya Suxa will no longer exist: I don’t have the time, resources, or desire to produce such pieces at a level that the site’s readership deserves.  Creating original humor pieces is hard — even with a bit of a talent for it — and incredibly time-consuming; with the level of quality that I expected from myself as the author, significant problems began to arise.

So, in short, the site has outgrown what I am capable of providing to it.  This makes me sad, but I will lick a lollipop tonight and be less sad.

I want to thank everyone that contributed to the site over the years — especially Dave, Tara, Jon, Aaron, Brian, Brian, Andrew, Andrew, Kevin, [CasualHoya], [Hire Esherick], Brent, and Sean — and everyone that simply read, hopefully chuckling to themselves along the way.  I’m not going to disappear completely from the Internet, as you can still rock some nonsense with me on Twitter and, if you’re inclined, read me at College Crosse as I adventure through Division I lacrosse.

Again, thanks to everyone who made Hoya Suxa the fun it was.  Until we cross paths in the future, I’m going to actually enjoy some Big East hoops for the first time in forever without worrying about how I’m going to write a yuk about John Thompson III’s jowls.

– Matt 

P.S.: Keep an eye out for an e-reader collection of the best from Hoya Suxa at some point this summer.
P.P.S.: I drank far too much at the Big City Classic a few years ago and passed out on the couch. This is what my friends did to me. I do not, in fact, love Georgetown.

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Hoya Suxa How To: Applying to Georgetown

Last Friday, U.S. News and World Report released the 2009 edition of its annual college rankings.  Through various methods of payola and dastardliness, Georgetown University claimed the 23rd position in this year’s ratings.

For the record, the University of Connecticut was given a Certificate of Participation and ranked somewhere in the low “Who Cares?”

In an effort to discover what it takes to hold such a vaunted spot, I was curious as to the requirements for admission to Georgetown.  As it turns out, Georgetown maintains quite a rigorous selection process, cutting the wheat from the chaff as early as the initial application process.

For your review, this year’s undergraduate admission application:

Georgetown University Undergraduate Application Form 2009-20010

To all the “Thurstons,” “Connors,” and “Charlestons” out there, Congratulations: may your tenure at Georgetown be long, prosperous, and devoid of any semblance of charisma.